Another month since I last posted! Time is really getting away from me, but I didn’t want to post until I had a few things sorted out. TJ and I had a really great time together! He went home about two weeks ago.

A recap:

– After Fiji, TJ and I were back in Sydney. We stayed in my apartment, and I continued working at Cafe Bondi. On my days off we walked around Sydney. We saw the Opera House, walked across the Harbour Bridge, went to Darling Harbour etc.

View of the Opera House from the Harbour Bridge

View of the Opera House from the Harbour Bridge (photo credit to TJ Mumford)


– I showed him China Town. We went to the world’s best gelato place in ChinaTown (UltimateOz referred us there when I first arrived.) They make all the gelato right there in front of us with liquid nitrogen. Their sundaes are limited, and change every 4-7 days, but they are always amazing! Pictured below “Double-O-Cheesecake” and some sort of s’more flavor.


– TJ and I did the Coastal Beach walk (from Coogee Beach to Bondi Beach — the beach I live by to the beach I work by). I showed him one of my favorite places in Sydney. My UltimateOz guides showed us this spot. When Grace and I moved to Coogee we ended up quite close to it! The hole is so fun, and the views from this spot are incredible!


– We also went to the Taronga Zoo, which was really fun! It was the second time I had been, but just as cool! We went to dinner on Darling Harbour afterward. I had quite possibly the best lasagna I have ever had! All in all, it was a really great day! There were are a few sections in the zoo where we could walk right into the pens, and kangaroos, quakas, emus and wallabies all run wild. We saw and got really close to a kangaroo with a baby in it’s pouch!


Mother and baby kangaroo! They almost look fake!

– TJ’s last full day was his birthday. We went to brunch with Grace and Chloe. Then we did a shorter section of the Coastal Beach Walk from Coogee to Maroubra. However, the weather was insane! It was like walking through a hurricane the wind was so strong. But the weather made it fun and memorable! So no regrets! It was really sad saying goodbye to TJ, but he is hoping to come back in the Fall (US Autumn — Australian Spring).

Oh yeah, Grace and I also popped an entire bag of party poppers on TJ for his birthday! Happy 24th!

Oh yeah, Grace and I also popped an entire bag of party poppers on TJ for his birthday! Happy 24th!

– The day after TJ left, my boss from Cafe Bondi called to say that the cafe was simply too slow, and he was cutting staff down. The whole cafe was going to close for a few weeks while the owners figured out their next steps… So that ruined my day. I went to the UltimateOz office after I got off the phone. I asked about au pair work, and met with the woman who runs the agency connected with UltimateOz the next day. Later that week, I met with a family who hired me!

Just trying to push TJ off a cliff

Just trying to push TJ off a cliff

– Grace and I went to Cockatoo Island, where we had been trying to go for ages now. Way back when, the convicts made ships on the island that were used through WWI and WWII. We were both a bit disappointed with the island, we had considered camping out and spending a weekend there! Thank God we didn’t, we ran out of things to do and see within couple of hours. I am glad we went and saw it, but I probably wouldn’t recommend it to anyone. However, it was free so I can’t complain! LOL

Grace found a bird at Cockatoo Island

Grace found a bird at Cockatoo Island

– It was Alicia’s 30th birthday that weekend, so Grace, Chloe and I went to her apartment, met with some more friends (mostly from UltimateOz) and then we went out in Sydney Center. It was a really great night!

Not a great photo... but the best of the night of the whole group :/

Not a great photo… but the best of the night of the whole group :/

– The following week was extremely slow moving! As I am trying not to spend money with my East Coast trip coming up, I was going a bit stir crazy. The weather has been awful — pouring rain nearly every day since TJ has left. The internet at Rob’s was awful, and got even worse when it rained. The last 3 or 4 days I was there, we had no internet at all.


Chloe, Grace and I

– Needless to say, I was certainly ready to leave on Sunday when I moved into the Hart family’s home! Their house is just beautiful! They live in Mosman, which is actually quite close to the Taronga Zoo, and it’s an extremely nice part of Sydney. I take care of two boys – Ernie (age 7) and Fred (age 5). Today is only my second day, and their old au pair is still here kind of showing me the ropes. But the boys are really sweet! And their accents make them even cuter!

My new home for the next 6 - 7 weeks!

My new home for the next 6 – 7 weeks! Not a great photo but the lighting is weird in the middle of the day.

– Both parents work in the TV industry, and their jobs sound pretty interesting. Beth (the mother) is actually from the UK, and they are going to the UK in 6 weeks (which is when I will be heading up the East Coast). Here I have my own room with a double bed and my own bathroom! There is plenty of closet space and hangers and the internet works splendidly!

My new room!

My new room!

– Also, I have now driven on the LEFT side of the road.. too weird! I am going to be all messed up by the time I get back to America. I really have to think when I do any turns or am at an intersection. I really only need to drive the boys to school and back, so it’s not that bad. However, it will take some getting used to.

– As I said, I have only been here two days, but I do think I will be quite happy here for the next 6 weeks!

Anyway, that’s all for now! I will post again soon-ish!