Wow! I cannot believe its been a month since I last posted!! So much for posting every week or two… I should work on that. I have been keeping a pretty low-key existence these days — just trying to save for the East Coast trip. We are leaving May 22, and I have paid for the trip and everything so I am definitely going to leave Sydney pretty soon!! I can’t wait! 🙂

Cafe Bondi - my work.

Cafe Bondi – my work.

It has been a bit frustrating because I am hardly breaking even. My hours and pay are not improving much at the cafe… So saving anything is essentially impossible. I also hate my boss. I have never hated a boss the way I hate this one. I like my manager and the other girls that work there, but whenever the owner of the restaurant is in, I consider quitting. She treats all of us like crap. Another new girl and I talked about it today, so it made me feel a bit better to know that I am not the only one who thinks she treats people so poorly.

Anyway, TJ came to Australia exactly two weeks ago tomorrow and we came back from Fiji last week. I’ll do my best at recapping the month:

– Grace, Katie and I went to the Mardi Gras parade for Mardi Gras! That was wild! Sydney is known for their Mardi Gras celebrations so it was pretty exciting to see all the craziness and the support for equality!

– Grace, Sarah, Katie and I also went to show at the opera house. It was like an acrobatic show, and it was awesome! We had a really great time together! We got the cheapest seats for like $25, but we were upgraded to 3rd row when we arrived!!


– We also went to the horse races. I bet nothing more than a dollar or two on a couple races… didn’t win anything, but it was really fun! We got all dressed up and pretended like we knew what we were doing lol.


– It was Chloe’s birthday as a few weeks ago, so we went out for her bday, but other than that we have kept weekends to movie nights and dinner or something cheap and simple, but its been fun!

– TJ arrived a couple of weeks ago. He came in at 7am on a Tuesday and we spent two nights in Sydney. We got Thai food and then he got stuck coming to my hair appointment. I got a really great Groupon and wasn’t able to get an appointment until that afternoon. Poor guy got stuck sitting through almost a 3 hour appointment! They had totally overbooked the salon.


– Wednesday we spent the day on Darling Harbour and just hung out. We discovered this great little crepe place. Our personal favorite was the Nutella, marshmallow, banana and strawberry!

– Thursday morning we flew to Fiji. After a 4.5 hour flight, we landed at about 5 o’clock. We found transportation to the resort, and the resort was about 2 hours away. We didn’t get there until 8 that night.

Our last morning there it rained, but in Fiji, even the rain is beautiful!

Our last morning there it rained, but in Fiji, even the rain is beautiful!

– The weather was beautiful there the entire week! it was mid 80’s the whole time and always sunny! The resort was gorgeous! Unfortunately there was not much of a beach, but it was still super wonderful! They had a free breakfast buffet every morning, and that was fabulous! There were two restaurants, a pool grill and a lunch/dinner buffet with different themed food every day. It was great!

– The pool bar was also amazing! I didn’t even know such a thing existed! The pool was amazing, and there were a couple bartenders there that were really wonderful! We would order and pay for one drink, and the bartenders kept them coming for free until we had to start turning them down. Everyone that worked there was unbelievably nice!

Minnie (the tall one -- how ironic!), me, TJ and Veka! Our favorite bartenders

Minnie (the tall one — how ironic!), me, TJ and Veka! Our favorite bartenders


– The Fijians ate lamb and potato curries and rice. We also sat in on a little presentation about how the villagers make baskets out of grass and how they use coconuts for kava bowls. We were able to eat coconut and drink the milk out of a straw. It tasted different depending on how ripe the coconuts are.

– We also went snorkeling! It was so cool! The driver threw a tube off the back of the boat and then TJ and I hung out to the tube while we hung on with snorkeling gear on. We found Nemo, Marlyn, Gill, Dory and blue starfish and all kinds of stuff! It was incredible.

Selfie with the blue starfish

Selfie with the blue starfish

– Our last night there we watched a firewalking show! So 500 years ago, Tunaivilaqa of Nakarovu village went searching for an eel, but found a little man. The little man said he could make him very rich, but Tunaivilqa did not need any money. So the little man gave him and all his descendants the ability to walk on fire from that day forth.


– As for the biggest news in Fiji… We got ENGAGED!!! TJ proposed on March 30, and since it is now Facebook official I suppose it can be official in my blog as well! We had been at the pool for a while and went up to the room around 4 or 5 to change before dinner. When we got up to the room there was a note on the bed — the maids sometimes left notes that said “bula” or “how are you” or “welcome home” on the bed, so I went to read this one… and it said “marry me” with flowers and an open ring box!!! Naturally a burst into tears and hugged him. Eventually I did manage to say “yes”!


– Naturally Ruthie and Lauren were the first to know, and we eventually told most of our friends and family through this past week. My mom announced it at Easter to her side of the family. I was trying to call and tell everyone with TJ, but the time difference was too much and there was a miscommunication. Anyway, everyone knows!! Now it is a battle of who will be my maid of honor… Ruthie or Lauren??? I am leaving it up to them lol.


a little photo collage of our trip

– I can’t wait to come home for Christmas and see everyone and begin the wedding planning!! But for now, I am still enjoying my time in Australia!

a close up of my beautiful ring!! :)

a close up of my beautiful ring!! 🙂

– By the time I get up the East Coast, I will only have about 3-4 months left of traveling. Since I want to spend some time in New Zealand and Thailand at the end of my trip, I hope to spend about a month doing farm work in or near Perth and then another two months of Au Pair work in Melbourne. Both those jobs will pay for my accommodation, so the money will be mostly all to keep.

I am looking forward to heading up the East Coast. I am so glad I went to Fiji when I did because I am not sure I would have had the time or funds to go at the end of the trip when I was originally planning. I have only been here three months! It’s hard to believe I have only been in the country that long… only known Grace that long!