Good news!! I am employed! I am on my 2nd week, which makes this the longest I have held a job in the past 3 months. I am considering that progress! It’s not the best pay… and I am not getting too many hours just yet. I think things should improve next week.

Anyway, a recap:

– A couple days after I applied to all those jobs in Coogee, I got a call from Cafe Randwick (right down the road). They own another cafe in Bondi, so I started working there now. The people working there are really sweet, so I can’t complain. (I will post a picture as soon as I have one!)

– The following weekend, Katie, Grace and I went to Pancakes on the Rocks. I got crepes with cream cheese and raspberry filling and it was divine! Katie’s meal is also pictured below – chocolate pancakes with raspberry, strawberry and coconut.


– The next day, we went to the Taronga Zoo and Wild Ropes. The zoo was definitely a good one. It was quite big! We saw a baby gorilla that was one a few weeks old! It was precious. We brought a little picnic along so that was also really nice. However, the gigantic and exotic and LOUD birds wouldn’t back off because of it.

Worlds largest lizard

Worlds largest lizard

– Wild Ropes is a ropes course at the zoo, wayyyyy scarier than I had originally thought! However, it was super fun!! We got to do two different courses, one low and one high and we did the more difficult of both. My fingers could bearily straighten afterward because I had been gripping so hard! But it was definitely worth it! I was last so I got helpful hints from both Katie and Grace. So nice being the youngest sister for once 🙂

– Sunday we beach hopped. Grace, Katie and I walked from Bondi to Coogee Beach, stopping at all the beaches in between (6 total). It was a nice and relaxing day.


– Sunday night, we went to China Town for dinner and then watched the Chinese New Year parade! It was great! I don’t think any parade will ever compare to that one.

Chinese New Year Parade

Chinese New Year Parade

– I try to lay low on my days off when Grace and Katie aren’t around so I can save as much money as I can. I have enjoyed my stay in Syndey… but I feel as though I am ready to move on. Unfortunately, I do not yet have the funds to move and Grace has committed herself to her job for at least 3 months and must give 4 weeks notice. I am looking forward to my trip up the East Coast though, and getting out of the city.

– We said good bye to Alex, Chris and Alice this week. It was sad to see them go… Alex and Chris are heading up the East Coast while Alice went to Melbourne. I can’t wait until its me and Grace leaving! Alicia is leaving Sydney on Monday, and Katie only has one more week with us. Chloe has just come back to Sydney, so we are welcoming her back with open arms!

Chris, Alex, Alice, Alicia, Grace and me , the whole crew!

Chris, Alex, Alice, Alicia, Grace and me , the whole crew at mine and Grace’s place

– We had a final dinner at Pancakes on the Rocks with all of them in order to say goodbye. The service was awful, but the food was good. I had chocolate pancakes this time, they were delicious but the crepes were better.

– Last weekend, Katie came over and we just stayed in and watched a movie and ate junk food. The next morning we went to a National Park (I need to double check which one…) with big plans to go hiking. It was so hot we got maybe fifteen minutes into the hike and decided to go back and eat the picnic we had brought. It was damn hot we didn’t end up getting back to hiking (turns out it was 100 degrees!!)

– We still ended up having a really good time. As Grace would say “we take the piss out of each other,” so there is never a dull moment. On our way back into the city, the temperature dropped from 100 degrees to 68 in a matter of maybe 15 minutes and it started pouring! All in all, it was another good weekend. More relaxed than some of the others we have had, but a great time none the less.