My trip down unda has been even better than I could have imagined – despite the insane sunburns I have gotten!


Our trip to the aquarium on Darling Harbour – the top of Alicia’s head, me and Grace

So much has happened since I got off that plane on January 3rd.  It has been exactly 2 weeks since I started my trip with Ultimate Oz.  I have met some spirited and adventurous people since my arrival.

A quick re-cap:

– I thought I was going to die of heat stroke when I got off the plane wearing leggings, a sweatshirt and boots in almost 90 degree weather!

– I met a couple people from my group upon arrival and we planned on grabbing dinner together, and at 6 30 we said we would head out in a half hour – the next time I opened my eyes it was 10pm. We had all fallen asleep!

– Ultimate Oz: We did a guided tour of Sydney, then a cruise through the harbor, ate some of the grossest free pizza known to mankind, and then to BaseCamp!

The view after our "bushwalk"

The view after our “bushwalk”

more of the view, but photos don't capture it!

more of the view, but photos don’t capture it!

– BaseCamp was great!! The whole group really connected. The first day we went sand boarding and fishing for “peepees” (little muscles that we put back on the sand to watch them dig themselves back in) at Port Stephens — about 2 hours from the city center.  We got back and did a bush walk with a gorgeous view of the ocean at the top.

ultimate9 – Drinking goon on the beach (One Mile Beach) at night with the group was probably the best part of BaseCamp

This is me with Josie, the kangaroo at Basecamp.

This is me with Josie, the kangaroo at Basecamp.

– While at BaseCamp (2 hours away from the city at Port Stephens) I was able to see a koala in a tree sleeping, and the best part was Josie, the tame kangaroo who tried to eat my bathing suit! The first time I saw her, a few of us were petting her and trying to get selfies and she sat up and rubbed her belly! It was adorable

– Saturday we had the Ultimate Party (Hawaiian themed).  3 bars and then the 2nd largest club in Sydney!! It was a pretty epic night all things considered. ultimate2

– I just got back from Surf Camp (at 7 Mile Beach)!! Learning to surf was on my bucket list when coming out here! We had a good group with Grace, Louise, Chelsea and Whitney, and we met Sophie as well.  I was getting the hang of it by the end, but it was harder than I had imagined. The waves really wreck you when trying to get out there. surf

– I got the craziest sunburn on my hands too!! The wet suit kept most of my body covered, but my hands roasted and swelled up massively! Without ice on them at all times the were very hot and painful.  They are just now returning to normal sizes. – I got a job at the floating restaurant in Darling Harbour, feels just like I am working on the Titanic! I doubt I will keep the job for much longer though — lacking hours and I would have to work ALL weekends (I want to explore!)

– Yesterday, I traveled some of the Blue Mountains with Grace, Louise and Whitney.  Soooo beautiful! The Three Sisters is definitely worth going to see!

– The best news of the day is that Grace and I found an apartment and we move in tomorrow!! It was the first place we looked at… we pretty much fell in love. It’s right by Coogee Beach, set back a bit from the craziness of the city center, quiet but beautiful, exactly what we wanted. Rob, the landlord, seems like a really great guy! He also owns a gym right down the road and does a lot of personal training! So I am hoping to be in shape in time for my trip up the East Coast!! Plans for the year are changing everyday! I can’t wait to see and experience what else this year has in store for me! IMG_4360